May 24, 2022 VPO, Soldering, Software

Softwareupdate of Vapor Phase One V1.04

The Vapor Phase One is continually improving with the incorporated feedback of our customers. We are currently producing the second batch, redesigned and ready to solder your PCBs. But not only hardware-wise we redesigned some aspects. There will be a software-update available in June 2022 that can be applied to every Vapor Phase One. In the following we quickly go through the main aspects.

Anna Metzenroth
January 5, 2022 VPO, Soldering, Knowlegde

Vapor Phase One: The soldering process

This tutorial describes how the soldering process is performed by the VPO. For this purpose the individual phases will be discussed, with focus on their special features, temperature ranges and time requirement.

Anna Metzenroth
October 19, 2021 Tutorial, Blender, PCB, 3D

Rendering PCBs (Part 3) - Final steps

In the last part of this tutorial series, we will take a look at different steps that will lead to a better render result.

Florian Winkler