23 November 2023 EdgeKit

EdgeKit: forklift remote automation

Logistics is one of the most affected sectors of labor shortage in Germany. To aid companies who are in dire need of forklift operators, young company enabl offers the possibility of what they call 'remote forklift automation'. EdgeKit operates as the centerpiece of this hardware to ensure data processing in real-time.

Suzan Imhoff
18 September 2023 EdgeKit

EdgeKit: Road safety in Norway with the help of AI and machine vision.

In 2017, 26% of fatal accidents in Norway were caused by vehicle technical issues, with tire conditions a major factor. Norsk Datateknikk, a Norwegian tech firm, has partnered with the government to enhance road safety. Using AI and eight high-speed cameras embedded in the road, they monitor truck tires in real-time. EdgeKit, an Edge Computing solution, swiftly processes images, categorizing tires for wear and condition. High-risk trucks are identified, allowing targeted inspections. This innovative project showcases AI's potential to save lives by proactively addressing tire-related safety concerns on Norwegian roads.

Suzan Imhoff
8 June 2023 EdgeKit, Successstory

EdgeKit: AI-driven coral reef research in the Maldives

Evaluating the eco system of coral reefs in the Maldives, Swiss company „Stream Ocean“ is now deploying EdgeKit to support their AI-driven camera towers. Monitoring eco systems live to evaluate the success of protection programs is often met with challenges such as funding or a lack of infrastructure. PCB Arts is trying to lighten the load by providing easy to manage solutions with latest technology at minimum cost.

Suzan Imhoff